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Marracash Orchestra
Marracash Orchestra (2002-2014) from left to right:
El-H, Schorsch, Roughy, Dr.Billert, Jo, Feeling, Martin, Spitz, Low-Key (Le Fish) and Buchi

Marracash Orchestra
What news?
We decided to give up so there will be no more news. Well, actually someday we might release some stuff that we've made in the past. Not sure yet.
Thanx to all our friends and fans for more than ten great years. It was fxxxin great!

Live at BRN 2013, Dresden

Official clip for Pandemonium. Enjoy!

Marracash Logo Marracash Logo
Marracash Photo 1 (300 dpi) Marracash Photo 2 (300 dpi) Marracash Photo 3 (300 dpi)

Marracash Orchestra celebrate an outrageous blend of musical styles. The german sextet mixes Drum 'n' Bass, Punk, Dub, Hip Hop and more to shape an incomparable new sound. Electronic beats, guitars, drums and synths are perfectly danceable.
Their turbulent liveshow is anything but serious. Absurd, ragged and of limitless energy. Marracash Orchestra present a fresh, unique show that breaks all rules.


Logo.png (b/w, transparent)
Logo.png (transparent)

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Photo2.jpg (300 dpi)
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Bandinfo.pdf (deutsch)
Bandinfo.pdf (english)
Bandinfo.pdf (czech)


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